Licence information

  1. All prices excl. VAT. Payment conditions: 30 days netto or as agreed.
  2. Always state Photographic Nordic/the name of the photographer as byline when using our photos for editorial purposes.
  3. When Photographic Nordic sells the rights for publishing the photos, this right is only valid in *Denmark, unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Photographic Nordic’s customers must themselves obtain permission for publishing from the persons portrayed, seeing as the reproduction right does not imply the permission for publishing from the persons portrayed. Photographic Nordic is not liable in case of claims, in case editorial photos are used without such consent being obtained. Stockphotos, on the other hand, are given free and do not requiere consent for neither commercial nor editorial use. However, not all models accept being used in the context of sensitive issues (racism, abuse, etc.).
  5. Editorial photos may not be cut or combined or manipulated electronically without permission from Photographic Nordic. This is not the case for stock photos
  6. Photos on the internet must be published in low resolution so that they may not be misused by third parties
  7. The publishing right for use of Photographic Nordic photos is valid as long as the customer is active and continues to pay the subscription at Photographic Nordic
  8. When use download stock photos or editorial photos, you have only the right to use it yourself; it may not be sold on to or passed over to a third party.
  9. In case you wish to discontinue your subscription at Photographic Nordic, your business still has the rights to the photos placed in your business’ own photo space. We will proceed to send you the photos digitally. If you wish to discontinue your subscription at Photographic Nordic, you may not use any of Photographic Nordic’s archive photos for any kind of communication or reprint in any media. However, an individual agreement may be made concerning the sale of the rights to such photos.